Hi! I'm Ilya, this is my website.

I'm a product manager, making online products, and helping others. Before that, I worked as Head of Sales at Edtech and Telecom and did a health food delivery startup.

My superpowers as a PM:
  1. I know how to go from 0 to 1 product path.
  2. Strongly gravitated toward entrepreneurship. Have done 3 businesses of my own.
  3. Self-propelled: can put together a backlog of hypotheses myself, MVP, conduct research, find respondents and first users, and bring in expertise.

One page resume here

Areas of interest: b2b SaaS, edtech, HRtech, food tech, mobile apps, mental health, web 3.0

I want to help myself, people and companies build cool products that change this world and unlock people's potential!

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In these projects I am now focused on solving these problems (upd: 01.11.2022):

1. How to grow Startup School in Russian community from 1.5k to 5k participants.
2. How to enter the Indonesian and Thai market with Jind.work - a platform for hiring performers and work close to home
3. How to build system marketing for MyMeet.AI

If you can help me solve these problems - message me on Telegram @ilyaberdysh
With a description of the tasks, the results achieved and my reflection.
2022 – present. Head of Product at Jind.work
Creating a technology platform MVP, business development, managing the funnel of involvement of performers and companies, team management.

In one month of working with the team:
1. Created a website in three languages (Ru, Uzbek, English) and optimized for mobile devices
2. Created MVP telegram bot and localized it for Uzbek language
3. Conducted 10 marketing activities and found 200 first users
4. Found first b2b orders
2021-2022: Product Manager в School of management "Academika"
- Website development as a product
- Automation of sales and marketing processes (newsletters, LMS platform accesses)
- Launch and development of new products (subscription community; executive skills test)
- Design and launch of content products
- Outsourced design and development team management
- Managing stakeholder expectations and maintaining relationships
- Research (from data collection to conclusions) and writing strategies for product departments of other companies (our main client is Ya.Practicum)
- Hiring specialists for project employment (designers, programmers).

1. Time on site (the main metric in the Site product) increased from 1:53 to 3:33 in the peak month and 2:40 in the average month, not counting the benchmark.
2. Conversion to purchase increased from 3% to 7% on average across different sales channels, due to: webinar funnel, trigger emails, themed emails, site improvement, landing pages and purchase flow.
3. Selected and implemented an LMS platform that allows us to train over 1,000 students at a time and implement a homework review process.
4. Conducted a large-scale study of the foreign and Russian Edtech market for Ya.Practicum, highlighted 10 main areas, built revenue forecasts until 2022 and 2025. The conclusions of the study formed the basis of the development strategy of the Faculty of Management and Marketing for the Practicum.
5. Launched content products:
  • Burnout newsletter (900+ subscriptions, 43% OpenRate, free);
  • Newsletter about intuitive management (90+ subscriptions, 67% OpenRate, 138 thousand rubles);
  • Newsletter on burnout for teams and leaders (130+ subscriptions, 47% OpenRate, earnings 202 thousand rubles).
6. Launched new products as part of Academics:
  • Subscription Community (for 2 months - 50 subscribers, Revenue - 600 thousand rubles)
  • Skills assessment test for managers (MVP stage).
  • Management for novice managers" course with revenue of 700k+ rubles
  • Management for experienced managers" course for 500k+ rubles
  • "Conflicst" course with revenue of 200k+ rubles
2020-2021: Product Manager в Product University
Product University is an online university for management jobs in IT with pay after employment.

- CusDev HRDs and LPRs within companies,
- Work on graduate portfolios,
- Partner materials with companies,
- Searching for jobs and full employment assistance for course students
- Market analysis to launch new professions

1. HR-processes vertical was built
2. Transformation rate of graduates at the level of 70%
3. x2 growth of subscribers in the TG-channel with vacancies for salespeople
4. Open case board from employers was launched to simplify the hiring process
2019-2020: Head of Sales, BEsmart agency
- Handling incoming clients and pre-sales, developing TORs and guidance materials.
- Accounts of key corporate clients.
- Market analysis, competitors, CustDev, and early beta test sales were on me.

1. Increased sales on b2c courses by 70%.
2. Implemented CRM system for b2c and b2b customers, reduced customer response rate from 1-2 days to 2 hours, which helped increase conversion rate by 30%.
3. Created websites for educational programs and products, and participated in developing a line of new products - telegram bots as MOOCs.
4. Made the product fully self-sufficient and made several corporate sales to the amount of 3 million rubles.
2018-2019: Sales team lead, Rostelecom
The first six months as a sales trainer, then as a sales team leader.

Results in the role of sales trainer:
1. Created methodological materials for conducting sales training and field training inbound and outbound departments.
2. The system of training of newcomers and mentors for the formation of the personnel pool was implemented. After 6 months, 70% of mentors are promoted to team leaders.
(3) The total growth in sales of employees who have passed the training is +50%.

Responsibilities as a manager:
- Creating own sales team, hiring 30 employees, building the process of recruiting, adapting, and training employees, and building a mentoring system.
- Setting KPIs, payroll, motivating the team, and managing group dynamics.

1. 50% increase of core sales from month to month during four months.
2. Creation of a sustainable management team of 20+ people with an HR assistant in the team and a mentoring system. After I left, the team continued to work and the mentor, who grew within the team, became the team leader
Advising startups
With a description of the results, links to calculations and presentations
NDA b2c mobile app in Photo&Video category
I help with the structuring of the company at an early stage and the creation of the MVP
MealJoy - Production and delivery of healthy food
  • Held five supervised meetings with an entrepreneur.
  • Led the project to a presentation to investors
  • Reduced CAC by 2 times
  • Retention during tracking grew by 40%
  • Negotiated terms for a pilot project with Gazprom retail network, Utkonos, the vendor of 3000 retail network in Russia.
  • Found a new b2b-customer segment: distributors of our end b2b-customers. Average distributor base = 100 IPs/LLPs.
  • New USP: Convenient food with a mountain of benefits! Cooked in minutes and never spoiled again. Conversion to purchase 1.7% (was 1.2)
  • Found tight-knit communities - HEA subscribers - ran ads on them and an audience of 35+
  • Formulated hypotheses to reduce churn, put in development plan - implemented ready-made meal kits for user convenience.
Read more in the project presentation
SIBS - clothes and gifts for family and friends
Looking for the main sales channels and product-market fit with the team. Helping to bring the unit economy into the black. Started the process of advertising through bloggers, which gave an increase in sales in the New Year period.
  • Bachelor's degree - Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Technological Machines and Equipment
  • Master's Degree - Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Management and Social Entrepreneurship

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