Hi! I'm Ilya, this is my website.

I'm a product manager of AI products for Ecom (CV and LLM), founder in AI-based products. Before that, I worked as Head of Sales at Edtech and Telecom.

One page resume here

Areas of interest: AI, b2b SaaS, Edutech, HRtech, Food Tech, Mental Health.

I want to help myself, people and companies build cool products that change this world and unlock people's potential!

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AI-powered replies for Twitter, LinkedIn & ProductHunt

Unlock your productivity and keep in touch with the community

Key metrics: 2k+ users, $2k+ revenue
Your best AI-powered junior employee

AnyAgent helps you answer front-line inquiries, make outbound touches and provide customer support without the hassle on your end
Perfect AI assistant for your meeting

Capture all insights from every online meeting: summary, tasks, and full transcript
Translated the English-language course from Y Combinator and unite Russian-speaking founders in one common chat room to take the course together, support each other, and help build startups.
With a description of the tasks, the results achieved and my reflection.
Advising startups
With a description of the results, links to calculations and presentations
  • Bachelor's degree - Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Technological Machines and Equipment
  • Master's Degree - Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Management and Social Entrepreneurship

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